Monday, 9 May 2011

Day 153

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll to choose April's Top Pic(k). The winner was the photo of the shoes. Which just goes to show that you don't have to find an interesting subject and you don't need a swanky camera! I took that shot on Iain's iPhone.

I've recently started uploading my photos to Flickr, and I'm reserving my best shots for my Flickr photostream. This is partly because our bandwidth is so restricted, and partly because I believe quality control is a good idea.

Which of these two photos do you reckon I should upload?


  1. Oh dear - what a difficult choice. I love them both, but when I look into that lovely animal's eyes I think it has to be the second! They are both absolutely beautiful and I think it was a good idea converting the close up to b&w - it really works.

  2. I'm strangely drawn to the first one.I love the black and white and I just want to touch that nose!

  3. Both are wonderful but my vote is for the second one.. what is your flickr name I will add you as a contact. :-)

  4. I think number two, great shots

  5. Thanks for the feedback, folks! I've had a couple of people comment on Facebook too, and they both prefer the second shot. So number two it is!

    Sharon, my Flickr name is Helen Whittaker. I'll add you back.