Saturday, 7 May 2011

Day 151

Today I went on a photo walk round the lake in town, and took over 200 shots (thanks to my new 8GB CF card). Out of those, I got seven that are good enough to keep and share. It doesn't sound like many, but I'm really pleased whenever I get a 'hit rate' of more than 1 per hundred! That's one reason (of many) why digital photography is so great -- amateurs are able to shoot, shoot, shoot and shoot some more the way only professionals could afford to do in the age of film.

Anyway, here are the first few shots from my walk. I'll post the rest tomorrow.

What first attracted me to this rose was its gorgeous yellow colour. So it beats me why this shot has more impact as a sepia tint, but it does. Maybe it's something to do with the raindrops showing up better and the separate petals being more distinct.

I love the patterns made by the native tree ferns. There's something primeval about them; I always half expect to see a diplodocus chewing on a frond!

This cob put on a show for me for about ten minutes. I reckon he must have run away from the circus!


  1. Like you I can go out for a walk and take hundreds of images and only end up with a handful worthy of sharing. Also like you I am happy to get any that are worthy of sharing. I absolutely love the fern image. It is perfect in black and white.

  2. Beautiful photos Helen. I think sometimes taking out the colour can lead the eye better into the intricacies of form and modelling. It's why I love black & white so much.

  3. Seven out of 200 is fantastic Helen, and that rose if truly perfection!